Necklace Display Stand


Our necklace display stands are great for organising and showing off your jewellery, whether for your craft stall, show or to display in a retail shop and you have the option to add your comany name/branding to the base or board.



The base stand is made from European Oak and measures 14.5 x 10 x 2cm and has an angled slot to hold the board.

The necklace board is made from natural bamboo, and measures 24 x 14cm. It has a fixed row of hooks on the back so you can adjust and secure your necklaces if required, and six grooves along the top egde of the board to guide your necklaces and space them evenly.

The oak & bamboo are left natural so you can apply your own stain or finish should you wish to.

*Please note that this stand may not be suitable for use with snake chains or thick/rigid necklaces*