Our Materials


European Oak

All of our hardwood products are made from European Oak.

We collect the Oak from our local sawmill in the form of Kiln Dried slabs (Boules) that are approx 54 mm thick and 3 meters in length.

These slabs are then rough cut into manageable sizes and later planed to our specification





All of our laser cut products are made from carbonized solid bamboo sheets.

The bamboo is carbonized to give the bamboo a deep, rich, darker color, much like the process of staining wood.

Although the bamboo species is formally not a wood but a grass, it has excellent “hardwood like”  characteristics.

It is very hard and durable and is also eco friendly due to its fast growing nature.

Meet our team

    Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones
    Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith
What we do at beam designs
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What makes us unique?

Natural Materials

Responsibly sourced timbers and packaging

Unique Designs

All of our products are all 100% designed by us

British Made

Our products are handmade by us in our workshop

The perfect Gift

From anniversaries to housewarming presents.